Road Safety



Reducing road safety risks is one of our top priorities: our employees, their families and our consumers travel the world’s roadways every day. Their safety is a deeply personal issue.



We share the ambition of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents by 2020. More than ever, we believe our company has a unique opportunity to improve road safety and make a significant positive impact on our communities.



Global Smart Drinking Goals

Addressing drunk driving is an essential component of our smart drinking commitments. It’s our ambition to make impaired driving culturally unacceptable. We’ve committed to spending at least $1 billion USD to influence social norms and individual behaviors to reduce the harmful consumption of alcohol, which includes drunk driving.


Partnering with Others to Make a Difference

We’ve partnered with local authorities, academia and NGOs to develop a comprehensive approach to road safety. Through our local road safety initiatives we’ve helped build data systems that allow local government to manage road safety strategically and efficiently.

By 2020, it’s our hope to to cut the number of global fatalities and injuries in half in the cities where we’re working. By working with governments, law enforcement, public safety organizations, academia, other companies, civil society, and the UN, we hope that our joint actions will help achieve the global 2020 SDG target.  









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